Welcome Get the most out of your Philippine dive holiday by diving with us on board one of our custom designed "bancas"-Philippine style double out-rigger boats. Our packages allow you to spend more time underwater rather than traveling overland between well known dive destinations. We are a full service dive operation with 4 destinations  across the Philippines with 5-10 day trip itineraries available. We can also assist you in planning and booking extended tours throughout the country. By day, we cruise the crystal blue waters between sun-drenched islands to the best dives sites in the area, exploring multi-colored reefs exploding with fishes and soft and hard corals. In between dives, you simply relax on board and enjoy the scenery only a tropical paradise can offer while we go to our next dive point. By night we will anchor off a beach resort where you can watch the setting sun from a quiet beach before retiring to the comfort of a full dinner, hot shower and a comfortable bed. © All Rights Reserved, 2011 All photos in this site are the property of Yvette C. Lee, unless otherwise noted.   © Mike Bartick
Coral Triangle ●Anilao-Puerto Galera-Verde Island Called the center of the center of marine bio-diversity on our planet by American Scientists, this area is located on the Verde island passage and has more species per square kilometer than any other place on earth.   ●Palawan-Apo Reef Triangle* *This destination highly recommended for non-diving companions Known as the last frontier, Palawan's topside beauty will leave you breathless. Karst Limestone cliffs, glittering teal lagoons, and historic shipwrecks await to explored. Weather and sea-conditions permitting, we will also be visiting Apo reef, the world's 2nd largest coral reef. Visayas Triangle  ●Cebu-Apo Island-Dauin-Balicasag-Cabilao With the most number of islands among the country's 3 regions, it is no wonder that it also has the most number of dive destinations. This is the quintessential tropical setting of islands ringed by beaches, coconut trees  and azure waters. From Balicasag's spectacular walls to rich black sand muck diving at Dauin,  this route offers the most diverse reef systems for a diver to explore. Southern Triangle ●Mantangale-Camiguin Encompassing the newest dive destinations in the Philippines, be among the first and few to visit these recently discovered sites consists of black sand covered coral slopes with underwater vents spewing cold fresh water-- guaranteeing a unique environment. Camiguin, more popularly known as volcano island, boasts pinnacles formed by lava as well as rich coral slopes. Clownfish in Anilao, Batangas
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